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Dominikanische Republik The DR has a good conditioned street system about 17.400 km long but because of the way the roads are built and the high temperatures-sometimes there are lots of large and small holes so you always have to drive carefully. Traffic rules are almost the same as in other countries.  Not all Dominicans are using direction lights when branching off. 
It is better not to drive by night because a lot of vehicles are not lit at night.  Even cows and horses can be found on the roads also expect to see children and dogs along the street, especially in little towns. Most Dominicans are driving carefully. By driving carefully and with attention, this is far the best way to see and to enjoy this beautiful country rather than in a fast driven tourist bus.
Santo Domingo historic center
Santo Domingo, Innenstadt
With a click on the following maps you can make them bigger. Enjoy the discovery of the beautiful aspects of this wonderful island.
Northcoast: Sosua, 
Puerto Plata, Cabarete
Nordküste, Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata

Countryside: Pico Duarte,
Constanza, Jarabacoa
Landesinnere, Pico Duarte, Constanza, Jarabacoa

Northwest: Monte Cristi
Nordwesten, Monte Cristi
Northcoast: Rio San Juan,
 Playa Grande
Nordküste: Rio SanJuan, Playa Grande

Northeast: Samana
Nordosten, Samana

Southwest: Lago Enriquillo
Südwesten, Lago Enriquillo
East: Isla Saona, Punta Cana
Osten, Isla Saona, Punta Cana



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